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Sustainable clothing


A unique collection made of 100% organic cotton


More quality and awareness for our environment, for each other and for ourselves.

Conscious fashion with sustainable clothing

North 56°4 Sustainable clothing is our new platform through which we are constantly innovating in sustainable clothing designs. We strive for the best and thus offer you a choice to be sustainable. And that is the reason we are certified by GOTS.


Sustainability is respect for people and our environment. Clothing productions under good quality working conditions made of animal-friendly and environmentally friendly materials with which we do as little harm as possible. We push our boundaries by constantly experimenting with better production methods and doing research into the right ways of manufacturing sustainable clothing. This is completely in line with our belief in the circular approach to how our clothing should be made.

sustainable clothing

sustainable clothing menswear fashion


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was developed through collaboration by leading standard setters with the goal of defining requirements that are recognized worldwide and guarantee the organic status of textiles. From harvesting the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible production to creating a label purely to provide the consumer with credible assurance of a conscious choice.

Make a difference

North 56°4 sustainable clothing is a new collection that focuses on sustainability, responsibility and respect for people and our environment. Our designers at the label North 56°4 sustainable have felt that this is the way to go and so they have worked hard to become certified by GOTS. We succeeded and we are proud of that:)

Sustainable clothing collection

sustainable clothing

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